So Let’s Get Started…

I found this very good, well experienced sidecar rig in Greenwood, Louisiana, about 150 miles from where I live.  It is a 2003 Suzuki VL800 with a 2006 Velorex Sidecar.  It belonged to the original owner who bought the bike new in 2004, and added the sidecar in 2006.  With only 52,000 mile on the clock I figured it was broken in and had proved itself over the years.  When I went to see the rig I informed the owner that I had never driven or even ridden in a sidecar.  He trusted me enough to let me take it for a test drive (not having a clue what to look for or expect).  I departed and returned complete and knowing this was an adventure I had to experience.  He made me a fair price and I brought it home.   I spent the first week driving it around the neighborhood at 20 to 25 MPH.  Right hand turns are a real experience (the sidecar wheel wants to fly – something to do with centrifugal force) for a newbie, but on week two I sucked it up and took it to the highway (actually Farm to Market Roads) and got up to 55.  Big grin!  Got home safe again.  So, I’ve been doing a little maintenance on the rig, riding it more, and the smile is still there and the confidence is building.  July 1st. I am scheduled for a Sidecar Driving Class.  I am really looking forward to this class and developing new skilled and getting introduced more into the world of weird.

Author: Bud Campbell

I consider myself an Adventure Motorcycle Traveler with over 50 years riding experience. Been to all four corners of North America, and always thinking about my next ride / adventure. I have a stable full of motorcycles and check the adds and forums regularly for another one; however, limited space keeps me in check, so I only have five right now. Just started a new adventure by buying a Sidecar rig. Man, (and ladies) this is totally different. So different I thought it needed a blog all to itself. Might have to change my handle from Lowrider Bud to Sidecar Bud. I'll let ya'll know how it goes. Later, Bud...

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